New Products
Net2 I/O board in plastic housing
Net2Air hands free interface in plastic housing
Net2Air Ethernet bridge
Net2 485 TCP/IP ethernet interface
Net2 I/O board with 2A PSU in plastic cabinet
Net2Air USB bridge
Net2 I/O board
PROXIMITY P50 compact reader
TOUCHLOCK K75 compact s/steel screw connector
Net2 1 door ACU in plastic housing
PROXIMITY compact vandal proof reader
10 hands free keyfob pack for Switch2, green
PROXIMITY 10 keyfob pack red
PROXIMITY 50 card pack amber
PROXIMITY slimline EM4100 reader white
Net2Air hands free keyfob
Net2 proximity keyfobs, box of 10
PROXIMITY 100 keyfob pack red
PROXIMITY vandal proof reader
Exit button marine
TOUCHLOCK K75 keypad
PROXIMITY panel mount reader
Net2 plus 1 door ACU with 2A PSU in plastic cabinet
TOUCHLOCK K50 keypad
75 series UK back box adaptor kit
PROXIMITY P75 reader with screw connector
Net2 1 door ACU with 2A PSU in steel cabinet
TOUCHLOCK K38 compact keypad
PROXIMITY 25 keyfob pack green
Net2 Watchprox, gold, pack of 10
PROXIMITY 10 card pack green
OEM keyfob - pack of 10
Easyprox 4 x AA alkaline battery pack
TOUCHLOCK K75 compact keypad
PROXIMITY metal reader, brass
Easyprox compact
TOUCHLOCK K50 stainless steel keypad
PROXIMITY marine reader
Exit button E50
PROXIMITY architectural reader, gunmetal grey
PROXIMITY P75 compact with screw connector
Net2 1 door access control unit
TOUCHLOCK K38 stainless steel compact keypad
Net2 hands free keycard
PROXIMITY 50 keyfob pack amber
Long range reader
PROXIMITY 100 card pack amber
PROXIMITY function card pack
PROXIMITY 25 card pack amber